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Narayanpet Sarees

Narayanpet is a small town and Mandal in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana state. Although the town is slowly yet steadily developing in areas such as business and infrastructure, development work is hampered due to scarcity of water in this region. The main source of livelihood for people residing here is saree weaving.Narayanpet is popular for hand loom in silk and cotton. Sarees from Narayanpet are exported all over the globe and are well admired for their characteristic designs and lustre.

However, those who are carrying on the tradition of saree weaving and jewellery making, are also aiding in preserving the age old culture, skill and art of saree weaving and jewellery making. Sarees made here are even exported far and wide. Artisans devotedly work hard and have made a difference by popularizing the name of Narayanpet in the entire globe!

Another important occupation here is making of pure gold jewellery. These are also the main industries here. The young generation is now leaving these trades and moving to metro cities for education and occupation.

Narayanpet Silk Saree

Specialty about Narayanpet Sarees

The sarees weaved here are matchless! Vegetable dyes are used, check patterns throughout the saree look beautiful, wide borders on both sides - top and bottom of the saree, shimmering effect etc. make the saree so special. Temple pattern is commonly used on the border of the sarees and this too signifies the devotional spirit of the artisans.

Interlocked weft technique is used while weaving these sarees. A group of weavers work on a beam of 25-30 sarees and take about a month to complete weaving them.

Narayanpet sarees depict a fine count weave and comprises of a mix of dark shades and embroidery. Zari is also used commonly on plain saree or a flower print saree. The 'pallu' has intricate ethnic designs such as temples etc. The border and 'pallu' have designs in contrast especially chosen to make these sarees look so different yet very mesmerizing. About 8 threads are used for weaving the border which renders it very strong.

Myth Related to Narayanpet Saree

Well, people believe that wearing this saree brings good luck for them. It is said that those who wear this saree will be blessed by the deity of the place or Goddess.

History of Narayanpet Saree

The inspiration of weaving these sarees has come from the Maratha ruler - Shivaji Maharaj. In 1630AD, Shivaji travelled to Narayanpet region and camped here for some time. Later, he continued his journey but some weavers stayed behind. These weavers started weaving silk sarees with a distinct design which became as Narayanpet Silk sarees. This is also the reason why a tinge of Maharashtrian influence can also be seen in these sarees. The production of these sarees drastically increased during the rule of Lokapalli Sansathanam.

Geographical Indication (GI) Status to Narayanpet Saree

The GI (Geographical Indication) status has been granted to Narayanpet saree in the year 2013. The idea is to keep the cultural heritage of Telangana alive. The sarees can now be differentiated from those which have been brought into the market from commercial power looms and which use cheap fabrics more often than not.

Sarees in Narayanpet

Making of Narayanpet Sarees

Vegetable dyes are used for making Narayanpet saree. About 8 sarees are weaved at a time on a loom. Although a standard saree is just 7 yards in length, for weaving a Narayanpet saree, 56 yards of silk are mounted on the loom in one go. De-gumming, dyeing and drying processes are completed after which the actual weaving commences! Cotton sarees take 1 day for completion whereas silk sarees take 5-6 days to be completed.

Narayanpet Sarees - Present Scenario

These sarees are quite affordable and can be bought for INR 1,000 to INR 15,000 or more depending upon the saree and design. As they are very light weight, you can wear Narayanpet sarees throughout the year. Some of the weavers settled down in this region in the early 17th century and regarded as pioneers of this art. They passed their skill from one generation to another. All the weavers who are involved with weaving the Narayanpet saree reside in Narayanpet.

Narayanpet sarees are also worn in Maharashtra during auspicious occasions. In Telangana too women love to wear this saree during festive occasions. They are also offered to the holy deity. Other sarees which are also famous from the southern region include Pochampalli ikat sarees and Uppada silk sarees.

Narayanpet sarees can be easily hand washed in cold water using a good detergent. It is displayed in most of the silk exhibitions and handloom exhibitions. These sarees are now also available at designer boutiques. What are you thinking about?

If you already live in Telangana or nearby Maharashtra state, you just have to barge out from your home and lay your hand on a beautiful Narayanpet saree!

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